A Father’s Day Tribute

When I was asked to write this for a church service tribute, I said yes, but hesitantly.

What does one say about dads?

I only have the experience of being the daughter of one dad. And I wouldn’t trade him. But talking only about my dad isn’t much of a tribute to all the dads.

Then the words that have resounded for almost a year in my head and heart flashed once again like a neon sign: Infinite Kindness.

The past year has been a tough one for my family. We’ve dug into some old wounds and learned new truths. It’s been a year of exploration, of forgiveness, and of healing.

And through it all, the words, “Infinite Kindness” stayed lodged in my brain as every other feeling and thought shifted, changed, or ran circles around me.

Infinite Kindness are the words I attribute to the Father. And when I really peel back all the layers of those words and His ways, I see just how much dads are made to resemble God.

Dads are created to be loving and kind. They are also created to discipline and shepherd their children. Sometimes love looks like playing catch in the back yard and sometimes it looks like teaching life lessons. As a child it’s hard to distinguish that both the fun and the lessons are loving and kind. Truthfully, even as an adult it’s sometimes hard to see.

But here’s what I know to be true about both the Father and the fathers He created.

Their infinitely kind love and discipline prepared me for the life I live. They make sure that I know that I am theirs. They assure me that I am both beautifully and wonderfully made. They showed me that community and being of service to that community would be one of the best parts of my life. They taught me that I, like Job, could look at something that appeared impossible to surmount and see that it is all for my good. They offer me forgiveness when I mess up, and also show me how to extend forgiveness to others. They teach, they model, they provide. They are infinitely kind.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. Thank you for your infinite kindness.

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